Hi, I am Renè,
Cinematographer, Photographer and Colorist
based in Cologne, Germany.

What I do
In short:
I work with cameras and colors.

Camera Work
Freelance Cinematographer and Colorist with over eight years of work experience 
on projects and productions of various types and sizes.
I have extensive experience with documentary and cinematic camera work, 
various camera systems and work independently as well as in larger teams and crews.

Over the years I have focused on Documentaries, Brand and Short Films.
Through my journalistic background, I am also experienced in conducting interviews
and directing people in front of the camera.
If required, I can also bring my own film equipment to a project.

Color Work
To ensure the desired look and feel of a film,
I take on the editing and color grading for all of my productions.

As a Colorist and Photographer with a strong background in Digital Image Processing
and Color Science, I
 can create a wide variety of high-quality looks and oversee the entire 
technical and creative process - from Look Development and Grading to File Mastering. 
I work with established workflows and offer both remote Color Grading 
and on-site sessions in my office.
To get a clear impression of me, my work and my references,
just take a look at my RÉSUMÉ or visit my listing on 


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